Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

Dry Needling

Minimum Criteria for Licensees in pursuit of Dry Needling Certification:

  1. Prerequisites - Before undertaking dry needling education and training, a Physical Therapist shall have no less than two years of experience working as a licensed Physical Therapist.
  2. Education Requirements - Complete a minimum of 50 hours of face-to-face instruction in intramuscular dry needling treatment and safety, provided by a board-approved course of study.

Licensee Procedures with the LPTB:

  1. Upon completion of each board-approved Dry Needling course, licensee notifies the LPTB of completion by sending a copy of the certificate of completion via mail, email, or fax. Notification must be sent upon completion of each course.

  2. Licensee will receive "Dry Needling Episodes for Educational Purposes Acknowledgement" form, which must be signed by licensee and the original must be sent back to the LPTB office. This course provides the licensee with information about dry needling episodes that must be completed for educational purposes, if the course requires a certain number of episodes to be completed before taking additional coursework.

  3. Upon completion of 50 hours of board-approved Dry Needling Level coursework, licensee will receive "Letter to Dry Needling Certified Licensees" along with “Dry Needling Acknowledgement" form, which will be signed by Licensee and the original must be sent back to the LPTB office. The board office must have a signed Dry Needling Acknowledgement for every licensee practicing dry needling in Louisiana.


Attorney General Opinion on Dry Needling


For more information on Dry Needling, review Louisiana Physical Therapy Board Rules §§123 & 311.