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LDH & Governor Notices 
LDH COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Guidelines for Infection Control 

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Louisana Department of Health & Governor's Notices


  • Please visit the Governor's Proclamation page for the lastest proclamations related to COVID-19.
  • For latest guidance from the Louisiana Department of Heatlh (LDH) please visit their COVID-19 page

All past orders are archived below. 

LDH COVID-19 Vaccine Information


  • Latest information on COVID-19 Vaccine(s): Click Here


Guidelines for Infection Control


 Telehealth Resources


Renewal Information  


 Board Office Updates


  • Employees continue to work a modified remote schedule. The best way to get in touch is via email and contact information can be found here. Should it be needed, staff can schedule an appointment for a phone call with you. 
  • Mail continues to be processed daily. Items may be hand-delivered should the licensee choose. If the door is open, you may enter the lobby and drop off your package at the window. If the lobby is closed when you arrive, you may leave your package in the box outside the office door or slide it under the door if the shape/size permits. You must wear a mask inside the building.
  • Mailing Guidance: Do NOT require a signature on mail sent to the board office during this time. We recommend that you use other tracking options for mailed documents during this time.
  • Should you have a need to speak with someone urgently, visit our Contact Information page herefor remote line numbers.