Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

COVID-19 Updates

This page will be updated as new information becomes available.


At this time, office staff are working remotely and available via email. For email contact information click here

3/25/2020: Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we ask that licensees NOT send mail to the board office that requires signature. Please utilize other tracking options for your mailed documents. Staff will be checking mail daily but cannot guarantee to be in the office at delivery times. 

2020 Renewals

In response to the Governor’s Proclamation # JBE 2020-27, the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board hereby provides the following waivers to licensees renewing in the year 2020:

1)      The deadline for renewing is extended in 2020 for thirty (30) days to May 30, 2020.

Even-year license terms are extended to May 30, 2020. Licenses not renewed shall automatically expire at the end of its term, after which the licensee shall not practice in Louisiana.

2)      The late renewal of license fee is waived for all who renew.

Licensees who renew in March, April and May will be subject to the 2-year renewal fee of $280.00.

3)      Online courses may be substituted for the live course requirement to meet the CE requirement for renewal.

To comply with state and federal recommendations in response to COVID-19, the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board is allowing online courses to substitute for live courses during the 2020 renewal period. Biennial requirements in Rule 194 will still apply, with the exception that online coursework may substitute the live coursework requirement.

Rule 194: Biennial Requirements

The four types of approved courses or activities and requirement for each are:

(1) jurisprudence: a minimum of 2 contact hours;

(2) ethics or professionalism: a minimum of 2 contact hours;

(3) clinical/preventive: a minimum of 18 contact hours, up to 6 of which may be earned by completion of a board approved self-assessment tool

(4) administrative: a maximum of 8 contact hours may be applied during each renewal period. Additional clinical/preventive hours may be substituted for administrative. 


IMPORTANT: To renew without 15 hours of board-approved live coursework in 2020.

The online renewal application requires a minimum of 15 hours traditional/on-site coursework added to Current Courses in order to proceed with the online renewal application. Follow these steps to add the required  minimum 15 hours of traditional/on-site  to your Current Course list.

  1.  Login to your  online account

  2.  From your Dashboard, select the “Add a Course” button

  3.  Select the Sponsor, "Louisiana Physical Therapy Board"

  4.  Select the correct Course Title:

       ›  Renewal 2020 (Board resolution) 15 traditional/on-site hours(2020)

  5.  Enter the month and year  - 03/2020

  6.  Select “Submit”


Are you registered for an upcoming live course?

Board-approved live courses may be offering an online or webinar option to licensees. For course sponsors who plan to “convert” a live course to a distance learning course, course applications must be submitted to the Board by April 30, 2020 by the course sponsor. Course application fee for reviewing these courses is waived. Approved courses will appear as an approved course on the renewal form.

 Updated: LDH Notice to RE: Other Health Services 3-21-2020


The La Department of Health directs that all healthcare providers transition all in-person healthcare services to a telehealth mode of delivery, when medically appropraite adn when the same standard of care can be met as an in-person visit. Providers shall make a determination about the appropriateness of telehealth on a case-by-case basis. Providers may encounter legitimate and valid barriers to telehealth delivery and may not be able to shift all services to telehealth. Providers acting in good faith shall not be found to be in violation of this directive.


The La Department directs that all healthcare providers postpone all in-person healthcare services that can safely be postponed for 30 days. Providers shall use their best medical judgement within the scope of their license to make this determination. Providers shall consider the entire clinical picture when determining if a service can be safely postponed, including the consequences to the patient of postponement and the consequences to the healthcare system. Providers acting in good faith shall not be found to be in violation of this directive.


Telehealth FAQs


Can PTs and PTAs provide telehealth services in Louisiana?

Individuals who are licensed physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) in good standing in Louisiana may provide physical therapy via telehealth to a patient within the jurisdiction of Louisiana.


What are the practice and documentation requirements when practicing telehealth?

Louisiana licensed PTs and PTAs shall follow all requirements for standard of practice and documentation as provided in the Practice Act and board rules.


Can I provide telehealth to my patient if they are located in a state outside Louisiana?

A Louisiana licensee providing telehealth services to a patient in a jurisdiction outside of Louisiana may be required to be licensed or registered in the jurisdiction in which the originating site is located. Check with the jurisdiction where the patient is located, you may need a license or privilege to practice in that state to treat the patient via telehealth.


Is there a different standard of care for telehealth services than in-person services?

The standard of care for telehealth services shall be at least equivalent to the standard of care for services delivered in-person.


What do I do if there is an emergency at the location of the patient during services?

When providing telehealth services, a licensee shall have documented procedures in place to address remote medical or clinical emergencies at the patient’s location. If an emergency occurs, follow the procedures that are documented and take any other necessary action to address the situation.


Do I need a La license to give advice to my patient who is located in Louisiana?

A physical therapist licensed in good standing in another jurisdiction who is providing information, advice, or opinion through telehealth to a physical therapist licensed in Louisiana regarding patient care is exempt from Louisiana licensure requirements.


How do I bill for telehealth services?

For information on reimbursement of telehealth services, licensees will need to contact the payment provider for the patient who is receiving telehealth services to best understand reimbursement rules for the services.  


For more information on Telehealth in Louisiana, review Board Rule 319 and La R.S. 40:1223.1 et seq.