Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

Continuing Education Audit

Rule §197. Continuing Education Audit Reporting Requirements

A. It is the responsibility of each licensee to assure that his continuing education hours are timely reported with his license renewal application.

B. The reporting of continuing education hours by course or activity sponsors and by licensees shall be made only on forms approved by and available from the board website. Forms filed by course or activity sponsors or licensees shall be legibly printed or typewritten, and shall be completed and verified by the course or activity sponsor or licensee. A stamp or other image provided by and imprinted by the course sponsor on course materials shall suffice for proof of completion of that continuing education activity.

C. Continuing education activities undertaken for the purpose of license renewal shall be maintained by the licensee in a file in which records of activities are kept, including dates, subjects, duration of the program, certificates of participation and completion, and any other appropriate documentation for a period of four years after the program date. Upon request, course or activity sponsors and licensees shall supply the board with such documentation.

D. The board shall conduct an audit of the continuing education records of a number of the licensees to be determined by the board each renewal period. The board will notify licensees who are randomly selected for audit to determine compliance with the continuing education requirements. Licensees chosen for the audit shall submit to the board by the specified date copies of all records and documentation showing completion of the continuing education courses or activities previously submitted for fulfillment of continuing education requirements.