Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

Continuing Education Policy and Procedure


Provide Board staff, Board members, course sponsors, licensees, and general consumers transparent guidelines in the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board’s approval process.  Continuing Education is education beyond the basic preparation required for entry into the profession and directly related to the performance and practice of physical therapy.  Courses and activities shall meet the content criteria set forth in §195.  “Contact Hour” is defined as 60 minutes of continuing education instruction.



The Board shall review continuing education courses for course sponsor review as well as the public. 




Staff Responsibilities

  1. Receive and review applications at the Board office via mail and email
  2. Determine if the proper forms, documentation, and fees have been provided by the applicant
  3. Notify applicant if additional information is needed.  Requests for additional information will be made within 24 hours of submission.
  4. Provide information to CEU committee for review within 7 days of receipt of application.
  5. Post the approved coursework to the LPTB website, including the amount of credit hours which may be earned
  6. Post individually approved course activity to the licensee’s dashboard using PT manager
  7. Review and approve CEU applications for all CAPTE Program requests, Clinical Instructor requests, APTA and APTA Chapter (LPTA) coursework, and previously approved courses (if the speaker qualifications and syllabus have not changed)
  8. Send approval or denial notice to applicant via email 

CEU Committee Responsibilities

  1. Review speaker/instructor qualifications
  2. Review content criteria of course submitted in application
  3. Obtain additional information from the applicant directly, as necessary
  4. Assign the amount of credit hours and return to staff in a timely manner, not to exceed 45 days

Program Criteria

Speaker Minimum Qualifications

  1. Curriculum vitae shall be submitted with application packet for course review and shall include: 
    •      Place and dates of education and degrees earned
    •      List of education/expertise in the area of course presentation
    •      Speaker shall have Master’s level of education; or
    •      Bachelor’s level of education with at least five years of practice experience; or
    •      Associate’s level of education with at least five years of practice experience in a related field and who have advanced competencies and/or specialties; or
    •      Physical Therapist Assistants with at least five years of practice experience in a related field and who have advanced competencies and/or specialties. 
  2. Must hold a license to practice within their profession
  3. Must demonstrate advanced proficiency/clinical education in area of expertise/area of course presentation
  4. Changes in course speaker and/or content must be submitted in writing to the Board office for prior approval

Course Goals (PT Rule §195A.)

  1. Update knowledge and skills required for competent performance beyond entry-level of the PT or PTA at the time the licensee entered the profession
  2. Allow the licensee to enhance his or her knowledge and skills
  3. Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary learning
  4. Facilitate personal contribution to the advancement of the profession
  5. For the purpose of CEU review, the term evidence based should be defined as including those articles published in a peer reviewed journal related to the field of physical therapy. The strength of the evidence shall be considered. Case studies, expert opinions, and editorials shall not be considered evidence without additional supporting research.

Length of Course

All Courses must be at least one hour in length. Course approval time will be rounded down to the nearest half hour.

Criteria for Course Review, listed by course delivery method

  1. Text-based courses 
    •      Beginner-level text-based courses will be approved at 20 pages/credit hour;
    •      Intermediate-level text-based courses will be approved at 15 pages/credit hour;
    •      Advanced-level text-based courses will be approved at 10 pages/credit hour;
    •      One textbook page will be treated as the equivalent of one standard page.
  2. Computer- or Video-based courses
    •      Computer- or video-based courses will be approved based on presentation time, excluding the introduction;
    •      Computer- or video-based courses will have an interactive feature to allow dialogue, coursework assignments, and post-tests.
  3. Symposium-, Conference-, and Traditional lecture-type courses
    •      Symposium and conference-type courses will be approved on course time only.
      1. Introduction and registration times will be excluded.
      2. Breaks will be excluded.
      3. If the course or activity is over four (4) hours long, a fifteen-minute break will automatically be deducted from time.
    •      Traditional lecture courses that are recorded will qualify for Continuing Education credit, excluding lab/practice time.

Individual Course Approval Submitted by Licensees (PT Rule §193.F.)

  1. Submit for course approval on official board form;
  2. Individual courses will not be reviewed during the last 60 days of the requestor’s license term. 

Types of approved courses or activities

  1. Jurisprudence
  2. Ethics, Ethics/Clinical, Ethics/Administrative, or professionalism
  3. Clinical/preventive or a board-approved self-assessment tool
  4. Administrative

Verification/Certificate of Attendance

  1. Attendance certificate must include actual hours attended by participant
  2. Attendance certificate must include actual hours approved in Louisiana
  3. Attendance certificate must include participant’s name and license number

Fees (PT Rule §501.A.)

  1. Review charge for APTA, LPTA, and Louisiana CAPTE accredited program sponsors will be waived. (PT Rule §193.E.)
  2. Other course sponsors: activity less than 8 hours = $100.00
  3. Other course sponsors: activity 8 hours or more = $150.00
  4. Licensee fee for course approval = $20.00

Administrative Hours

  1. Licensees serving in elected positions of national or state physical therapy organizations
    •      Licensees serving in an elected position of either a national or state physical therapy organization may obtain continuing education credits for participation at in-person meetings related to the position held.
    •      Licensees may obtain a maximum of five credit hours for participation at in-person meetings.
    •      One hour of credit may be earned for every two hours documented at in-person meetings.
    •      Licensee shall submit an application for approval on an official Board form to be reviewed and approved or denied by the Board.
  2. Licensees serving as Mentors to Residents or Fellows
    •      Licensees may obtain a maximum of five hours credit for serving as the primary mentor of a physical therapist Resident or Fellow.
    •      One hour credit may be earned per 120 clinical hours during Residency or Fellowship during the renewal period.
    •      Proof of clinical instruction shall be documented on a form provided by the board and shall be signed by two of the following:
      1. Mentor
      2. Mentee
      3. Program Coordinator of the Residency or Fellowship


Revised: February 17, 2017