Individual Course Approval for Licensees

Individual Course Approval Submitted by Licensees (PT Rule §193.F.)

  1. The licensee submits for apporval of the course or activity using the online form located on the licensee dashboard (§193.F(1));
  2. The course or activity submitted for approval shall only be considered for the licensee who submits for approval (§193.F(2)); 
  3. In no case will such application for course or activity approval be considered during the last 60 days of the requestor's license term (§193.F(3)).
  4. The application must include in either PDF or Word doc:
  • Course instructor(s)'s CV/Resume;
  • Timed course schedule (or word count for readings and # of exam questions, or run time for videos);
  • Course objectives;
  • Course citations/bibliography

**Course citations for clinical courses shall be no less than 3 references of articles published in peer reviewed journals related to the field of Physical Therapy that were published within the last ten years. Citations for administrative and ethics courses shall be no less than 3 relevant references, which are not required to be from peer reviewed journals, and were published within the last 10 years.



  • Gather required documents. Some course sponsors may provide documents on their website. For some, licensees may need to contact them and request them. The documentation is fairly standard and should be readily available. 
    • The Board office has prepared a form you can utilize when requesting the information you need: click here.
  • Enter application from the CEU tab on the licensee dashboard. 


  • Enter all required information. If your course was an online/homestudy course, enter the completion date or the expected completion date in the Instructional Methods section.
  • When you reach the section to upload your documents, make sure what you're uploading matches the description. 


If the course speaker(s)'s resume/CV is not available, a bio will work as well as long as it includes the indivdual(s)'s education/training. The course schedule should include a breakdown of times for each day.


Ex: 9:00am-11:00am  Activity 1
11:00am-12:00pm  Break


For courses that contain videos or readings, make sure to have the video run time (total) and/or the approximate word count for the readings. A breakdown of the video times for each section of the course can be uploaded to the course schedule field. The Mergener formula is used to calculate CEU hours for these types of courses. When selecting yes in each option, a text field will appear to enter the information. 


*Only include video run time and/or readings if they contribute to the requested CEU hours. If they do not contribute, they do not need to be included. For text-based courses, include if the course utilized any quiz/exams and the number of questions if so.


Citations must include a minimum of three (3) citations of journal articles which were published within the last 10 years relevant to the field of physical therapy and support the subject matter and skills being taught in the course. If the course sponsor does not provide their course citations (bibliography) then the licensee can provide their own citations as long as it meets the policy criteria. 


Special note: if a course is submitted with insufficient information, a staff member will mark it as such and send it back to the licensee to correct. The original application should be updated and no new appliation needs to be submitted. There is no charge to update the original application. You'll receive an email with notes for correction but can also access this note under the CEU tab on your dashboard. Click the note in your dashboard to expand the message and access the resubmit button.


Review times on average are 3-5 business days but may vary dependent upon the load of courses in line for review.

Courses may not be submitted for review within the last 60 days of the licensee's license (§193.F(3)).



  • When is the deadline to submit an individual approval application?

    The deadline to submit is February 28th of your renewal year.

  • I'm unable to obtain the course speaker's resume/CV. What do I do?

    A bio will suffice in place of the resume/CV as long as it includes the basics of the speaker's education and training. 

  • The course sponsor is unwilling to provide their references. What do I do?

    The purpose of the policy is only to ensure there is support for the subject matter being taught. Licensees can find and report references in place of the course sponsor. Please format them in AMA style, if possible. 

  • Can I get approval for a conference where I only attended specific sessions?

    Yes! We recommend putting together a document of the specific sessions you attended and marking the times you were in those sessions. This will suffice for the schedule.

    As for the speaker(s) CV/resume, a bio will suffice as long as it shows the individual's education and training. Sometimes a bio may be more readily accessible in promotion materials. 

    For objectives, providing the overall objectives of the conference will suffice. 

    For references, focus on finding 3 references which meet the policy criteria and support the overall subject matter of the conference, rather than requesting references from all speakers. Example: if your conference is on women's health, find 3 citations of journal articles which support physical therapy in women's health.