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The Board offers three presentations to PT and PTA programs. We find that students introduced to the Board early are better prepared when it is time to apply for licensure upon graduation. The more organized and prepared students are to apply, the less time it may take to receive their license.

Please see below for the offerings.


Introduction to the Board: 1st Year Students (1 Hour)

This program introduces students to an overview of the purpose, makep and activities of the Board. We go over how laws and rules are changed and practice looking up Rules. The end of the presentation covers recent violations that resulted in disciplinary action.

Presented by the Executive Director.


Preparing for Clinical Rotations: A Review of Rules and Regulations to Stay Compliant (1 Hour)

In this program, we review Rules related to clinical rotations so students are aware of rules that their instructors must follow. We go through scenarios of how to appropriately address different hypothetical situations that are considered violations of the Board regulations and we review a few real-life situations that came before the Board and resulted in disciplinary action.

Presented by the Executive Director.


License Application (1 Hour)

In this program, we go over the license application, required documentation, and the steps in working with other agencies (state police for background checks, FSBPT for registering for the exam. 

Presented by the Assistant Executive Director.


At this time, presentations are given via Zoom. In-person presentations for in-state programs may be available, if requested, but cannot be gauranteed. To schedule a presentation, please contact the Assistant Executive Director, Jessica Alwell, at  

Programs outside of Louisiana, especially our neighboring states, are also welcome to request presentations. Presentations for out-of-state programs will always be conducted via Zoom.


Don’t see the topic your students need guidance on? Let us know! Presentations are updated as information and the needs of programs change.

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