Instructions to Reinstate your License

An expired license may be reinstated pursuant to the requirements set forth below.
(Louisiana Physical Therapy Rule §187)


Read completely prior to beginning the application process.



Step 1: Complete the Application

  1. Log in to your licensee dashboard.
  2. Under your dashboard, click Forms and then Reinstatement.
  3. Complete the application and pay your fee. Fees are payable via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX. 
    • A sample application can be viewed here.
  4. Once you application has been submitted, the reinstatement button will change to an applicant checklist button. You will utilize this checklist to check the status of your application as well as upload other required documents.

 Step 2: Minimum Data Set (MDS) Survey

  1. From your applicant checklist, complete the MDS survey.At the end of the survey, you will be given a password. Enter the password into the password field on the applicant checklist to complete this item.

Step 3: Continuing Education Compliance with the LPTB*

* This step is only required for those licensees who:

  • are reinstating because of failure to timely renew their license, as provided in §181, or
  • have been out of the practice of physical therapy and not practicing in other jurisdictions. 

In part 2 of your applicant checklist, upload proof (in the form of course completion certificates combined into one file) of continuing education compliance with the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board.


Step 4: Additional Documents

Passport-Sized Photo - Submit one (1) 2 in. x 2 in. recent passport-type photograph (taken within six (6) months of the application date) to be used for identification purposes.

• Applicants most commonly use photos taken for passports.

• Photos must be only of the applicant and cannot include animals or other people. You must be fully dressed in the photo, no tank tops or other revealing clothing.

Step 5: Pass the Jurisprudence Exam 

  1. Pass the Jurisprudence Exam - All applicants must make a 75% or higher to pass the Board's online jurisprudence.  The exam is free of charge and consists of 40 questions from the Louisiana Practice Act and Rules. 

    • To take the exam online, click the link at the top of your Dashboard.

Step 6: Identification

Upload proper form of identification to prove identity and authorization to work in the United States. A copy of your social security card must be submitted. You must also submit either a copy of your Driver's License (front and back) or your passport. All copies must be in color. If you are not a citizen of the United States, submit proper documentation evidencing that you have obtained legal authority to work in the United States. Expired documentation will not be accepted.

All documents should be scans of the original and not pictures taken with phones or tablets.

For licensees who failed to timely renew their license as provided in §181, you do not need to complete the following steps.  If you allowed your license to lapse for reasons other than failing to timely renew as provided in §187.B, please complete the following additional steps.



Step 7: Continuing Education Compliance from Other Jurisdictions
Upload proof (in the form of course completion certificates) of continuing education compliance from all jurisdictions in which the applicant has held an active license in the previous 24 months along with a personal statement explaining the CEU requirements of each jurisdiction.

Emailed copies of your documents will NOT be accepted. Please type and sign your statement.

All documents should be scans of the original and not pictures taken with phones or tablets. 


Step 8: Statement from Licensee

Letter to the Board explaining the reason for allowing your license to lapse as stated in §187.E.5. This may be uploaded with your additional documents.

Step 9: Letters of Recommendation

Submit two (2) letters of character recommendation as stated in §187.E.6. These letters can only come from reputable currently licensed physical therapists and/or physical therapist assistants in good standing. These letters MUST be signed and mailed directly to the board office from the individual writing the recommendation. The applicant may NOT mail the letters in place of the recommending individual.

Remit Recommendations to:

Louisiana Physical Therapy Board
2110 W Pinhook Road
Suite 202
Lafayette, LA 7050 


Step 10: Clinical Practice Supervisory Request Form

Pursuant to §187.G, if you have been out of work for more than four years, you must submit a clinical practice supervisory request form. Please review the rule below for further clarification.

Reinstatement Clinical Practice Supervisory Request Form


Please refer to your checklist for updates on your application status. If you have questions after reviewing your checklist you may contact the Licensing Analyst.

Danielle Linzer, Licensing Analyst:


  • Failure to Timely Renew: Renewal Fee $280 + Late Fee $140 + Reinstatement Fee $75 = $475
  • Odd Birth Year/Odd Reinstatement Year or Even Birth Year/Even Reinstatement Year = $215
  • Odd Birth Year/Even Reinstatement Year or Even Birth Year/Odd Reinstatement Year = $75

All online payments subject to $3 processing fee.

§187. G. Any person whose license has lapsed for more than four years may apply for reinstatement of licensure upon payment of the renewal fee and the reinstatement fee under the following conditions:
  1. licensee shall be subject to a three month period of supervised clinical practice;
  2. licensee may only practice under the on-premises supervision of a board-approved PT who has practiced no less than three years with a Louisiana license in good standing;
  3. completion of a practice assessment and satisfactory completion of continuing education courses indicated by that tool to bring the applicant’s knowledge to current standards
  4. a supervision agreement must be approved by the executive director before a provisional license will be issued to complete the three-month period of supervised clinical practice. The supervision agreement shall be in force for the entire three-month supervisory period. The licensee may only practice in those facilities and under the supervision of the PT named in the approved supervision agreement. Any change in practice site or supervisor must be submitted in a revised supervision agreement prior to the change taking place. At the end of the supervisory period, the supervising physical therapist shall report to the board the satisfactory or unsatisfactory completion of the supervision period. If an unsatisfactory supervision period is reported by the supervising physical therapist, the board, in its discretion, may require an additional three-month supervisory period; and
  5. completion of remedial courses which may be prescribed by the board. 

Applicants that apply at the end of one calendar year and receive their license in the following year may either owe additional fees or be entitled to a partial refund per the Fee Schedule referenced above. Please contact the Licensing Analyst for guidance.

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