Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

Custodian of Public Records

Pursuant to La. R.S. 44:1.A.3, the proper custodian of records for the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board is the Executive Director.  Inquiries relative to public records should be directed to her attention.

Charlotte Martin, MPA
Executive Director
Louisiana Physical Therapy Board
104 Fairlane Drive
Lafayette, LA 70507
Email: charlotte@laptboard.org
Phone: 337-262-1043 ext. 102
Toll-Free: 888-400-9110
Fax: 337-262-1054

You will receive communication from the custodian of records, Charlotte Martin, within three (3) business days.  If you do not receive a communication from the custodian of records within the allotted time, please contact Mrs. Martin to ensure receipt of your public records request. 

Pursuant to La. R.S. 44:32.C, the custodian of records may charge a reasonable fee for copies of public records. 

The Louisiana Public Records Law is at La. R.S. 44:1 et seq.  Click here to view the revised statute on the Louisiana State Legislature’s website.