CEU Audit Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I chosen for the CEU Audit?

All PTs and PTAs licensed in Louisiana are mandated to complete biennial continuing education (CE), unless exempt pursuant to Rule §198. Prior to renewing a PT/PTA license, the licensee should review their CE certificates to ensure they meet the CE requirements of Rule §194. The annual CE Audit is a way for the board to spot checks that LPTB CE requirements have been met.


How many times can a PT or PTA be selected for the CE audit?
There is no limit to the number of times a licensee can be selected for the CE audit. If a licensee has renewed his/her Louisiana license, he/she is eligible for audit selection. 


May I fax or email my audit response documents to the board office?

No. Audit response documents may NOT be submitted by fax or email.  Audit response documents may be MAILED or HAND-DELIVERED to the board office.


What is the penalty for not submitting a complete audit response packet – OR – if my audit response packet does not physically arrive at the LPTB office on or before the May 31 deadline?
An audited licensee who is unable to provide valid documentation demonstrating compliance with the CE audit and/or failure to submit a full audit response packet to LPTB before the May 31 deadline, will be considered non-compliant with the CE audit and may face disciplinary action. 


What is the deadline for my audit response packet to be physically received and date stamped at the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board office?
The full and complete audit response packet must arrive at the LPTB office for ‘receipt’ date stamping no later than May 31.


What address do I mail my audit response packet and how can I ensure it arrives at the LPTB before the May 31 receipt deadline?
MAIL the full and complete audit response packet to:
    Louisiana Physical Therapy Board
    2110 W pinhook Road, Suite 202, Lafayette, LA 70508

Due to the large volume of documents arriving during the audit, board staff will be unable to provide confirmation of receipt of your audit response packet—or—review documentation at the time of submission.

In order for the licensee to have confirmation regarding the day/date their audit response packet arrived at the LPTB office, board staff recommends the licensee mail their CE audit response packet to LPTB using an overnight, 2nd day delivery service, or other certified mail that provides the a tracking number.  By doing so, he/she can monitor (directly with the shipper) when the package has been physically delivered to the LPTB office.

If the audited licensee prefers to hand-deliver their response packet, they are welcome to drop it off at the office during LPTB regular office hours of Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Central Standard Time).  The LPTB office is closed for most state and federal holidays.  

**Please be advised for those hand-delivering, if when you arrive there is not someone currently at the office, please slip your packet under the door. Our staff is working a modified schedule currently due to COVID-19. Once the next employee arrives, your packet will be collected and put in place for processing.

Determination of compliance (or non-compliance) with LPTB CE rules will be based on the first and initial audit response packet received at the LPTB office.  Faxed and/or emailed documents will not be accepted.  Mail or hand-deliver audit documentation together in one (1) envelope ATTN: CE Audit.


How will I be notified of the outcome of my CEU Audit?
After the licensee’s audit response packet has completed the review process and is determined to be compliant, notification will be sent to the licensee regarding their audit outcome to the email address on file with LPTB.  If you are unsure of what direct/private email address LPTB has on file for you, write it clearly at the bottom of your Checklist form.

If the licensee is found to be non-compliant with audit, the licensee will receive a letter by regular mail and certified mail requesting additional documentation by a specified deadline.