Inactive Status

Inactive status


Renewing a License as Inactive:

Rule §180 Inactive Status provides licensees with the option to renew their license as inactive but continuing education requirements are waived. While holding an inactive license, a licensee:

  • Shall not engage in the practice of physical therapy within the state of Louisiana.
  • Must still submit a renewal application with the Board office in accordance with §181 and pay the renewal fee equivalent to the renewal fee of an active license.

**Licensees are now able to renew as inactive through the online renewal form.

***Licensees must also continue to renew their license at each renewal period, regardless of the license having been last renewed as inactive.


Reactivating an Inactive License:

When a licensee wishes to reactivate their inactive license, they must:

  • Provide documentation satisfactory to the board of completion of the continuing education requirements specified in §194 for the continuing education period immediately preceding reactivation.
  • Provide documentation satisfactory to the board that they have engaged in physical therapy practice in any jurisdiction or country within four years preceding their request to restore active license status.

**If the licensee has not engaged in physical therapy practice in any jurisdiction or country for a period of four years or more they must:

  • Complete a three-month period of supervised clinical practice.
  • Only practice under the on-premises supervision of a board approved PT who has practiced no less than three years with a Louisiana license in good standing.
  • Show completion of the practice assessment and satisfactory completion of continuing education courses indicated by that tool to bring the licensee’s knowledge to current standards.
  • Only practice in those facilities and under the supervision of the PT named in the approved supervision agreement.

**Completion of remedial courses may be prescribed by the board.


***Please note: The inactive status of any licensee does not deprive the board of its authority to institute or continue any disciplinary or enforcement action against the licensee.