Renewing as Inactive


C. Inactive Status Renewal

  1. For inactive licensees, continuing education requirements for renewal are waived.
  2. Inactive status shall be renewed in accordance with §181.
  3. The inactive license renewal fee is equivalent to the fee to renew an active license, as specified in §501. 

Renewing a License as Inactive:

  • Licensees renewing as inactive shall not engage in the practice of physical therapy within the state of Louisiana.
  • Must still submit a renewal application with the Board office in accordance with §181 and pay the renewal fee equivalent to the renewal fee of an active license.
  • Licensees wishing to renew as inactive may do so through the online renewal form and select Inactive Status.
  • Licensees must also continue to renew their license at each renewal period, regardless of the license having been last renewed as inactive, if they wish to retain the license.


Important Dates


February 1, 2023
Renewal Period Begins for ODD-YEAR birth year licensees.
Log in to your account and click “Renew”.

March 31, 2023
Last day of the renewal season for ODD-YEAR birth year licensees.

April 1, 2023
Late renewal period begins.
Licensees who renew in the month of April will be charged a late fee of an additional $120.

April 30, 2023
License expiration date for ODD-YEAR birth year licensees.
Renewal applications received after April 30th shall be deemed as applications for license reinstatement pursuant to Rule §187.
Licensees who practice with an expired license are subject to disciplinary action.

 Fee Schedule


RENEWAL OF LICENSE, per year  $140

  • Renewal Period opens February 1st and closes March 31st.
  • Licensees who renew in April are charged a late fee (see below for more details).
  • The term for license renewal shall be for two years.


  • Late fee is paid in addition to the renewal fee.
  • Licenses may be renewed until April 30th but are charged a penalty if renewed in the month of April.  

Licenses not renewed shall automatically expire at the end of its term, after which the licensee shall not practice in Louisiana.