New Applicant FAQ

Does it matter what order I complete my application steps in?

  • Yes. Some steps completed out of order may delay your application. Please read the directions carefully and ask questions for clarification if necessary.

I accidentally created my account with my school email rather than a personal email account. What should I do?

  • Contact a staff member once you have been officially licensed. At that time, the staff member will be able to update your email address on file.

On the MDS survey, it asks for my license number but I’m not licensed yet. What do I do?

  • You can enter N/A and continue through the survey. We understand that applicants won’t be able to answer all questions. Answer all that you can and enter N/A where applicable.

Will the board office request my transcript from my school for me?

  • No. The applicant is responsible for requesting their transcript and having it sent to the board office. Some programs may arrange to send transcripts on the applicant’s behalf. To be prepared, speak with your program director or registrar’s office.

How long does it take for my checklist to be updated once the board receives documents for my application?

  • Allow for 5-7 business days for your checklist to be updated after our office has received materials. It may be sooner.

I previously completed a background check for my school or job. Can the board use those results to meet my background check requirement?

  • No. Background check results cannot be shared between entities. Also, the board requires a federal background check and some background checks requested for jobs or education programs may only be at the state level.

I failed my first attempt at the NPTE, can my provisional license be extended?

  • No. A provisional license is only valid for 90 days from the issue date. There are no extensions.

What if I fail my first attempt at the NPTE? If I didn’t have a provisional license before, can I get one now while I wait for my next attempt?

  • Yes. A provisional license is for new graduates awaiting examination. If you did not receive a provisional license before your first attempt and wish to receive one while you await your second examination attempt, you can.